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Avoid Losing Sales Now Why Go Online if You’re Local? 10 Reasons to be Online

Avoid Losing Sales Now

A recent ACNielsen survey of businesses with websites found that websites:

* Helped 58% of small businesses grow or expand
* Made 51% of small businesses more profitable, and
* Reduced costs at 49% of small businesses surveyed. – ACNielsen 2004

The old excuse of “my business does not need a website” no longer works.

No matter what your industry – Someone like you, somewhere uses their websites to make their business more money daily:
* Service
* Professional
* Manufacturer
* Retail / eCommerce
* Wholesale / Network Distributor
* Artwork and Crafts

Hundreds of small businesses were recently surveyed to see what obstacles they encountered in getting websites and doing business online.

The survey revealed that close to half thought their goods, services and/or location were “inappropriate” for a website. Almost a third thought they had to give up their face-to-face business approach, and several others were worried about security and costs.

The truth is that if a website was easy, affordable and helped you make money, you would get one, right? Of course you would! That's just good business sense. We can help you really understand all the ways a website can help make your business sales sky-rocket – even if you don't do business online!

A website can help your business make money in many ways:
* Sell products online.
* Drive visitors to your offline store.
* Save you money by providing customer support.
* Gather leads so you can follow up with interested buyers.
* Support your offline sales process by giving you extra credibility to close the sale.


Why Go Online if You’re Local?

Simply – you MUST go online, especially if you're local. And the most important thing is to be first or one of the first in your market to have a web presence.

Why do I have to be first?
Two Reasons:
One – as more of your competitors get internet savvy, you won't be standing out from the crowd anymore.
Two – more and more homes get online and more and more are looking for local shopping and services options. Who do you want them to find? You or your competitor.

According to statistics and various analysts in the field, any business that's not equipped to effectively market on the Internet will go out of business within the next 2-5 years. Please, I beg of you, don't become one of those statistics.

But, you argue – my business isn't suited to the internet –

A website can be a huge benefit to your business, whether or not you sell online.

A little mistake that cost a plumber $3000
- you are probably making it too!
If you don't think you need a website, you are probably like John or Suzy.

John's two-truck plumbing business lost a $3000 contract because the customer felt more comfortable getting the job done by a competitor after seeing pictures of their quality work and certifications on their website.

Suzy sells homemade candles. She just discovered her neighbor sells 16 more candles than she does each week, all through the Internet and at double the price .

Both John and Suzy are missing ready opportunities because they don't have websites for their businesses.

10 years ago a website was considered an expensive luxury item that only leading businesses needed to have.

Today, websites are affordable and are expected by your customers, just like they expect you to have a business card and a fax machine.


10 Reasons to Be Online

You will be interested to learn that customers want you to have a website for simple reasons:

1. To get your business address.
2. To get your contact information.
3. To get your hours of operation.
4. To get information on the product/services you offer.
5. To get pricing information.
6. To see examples of your work.
7. To request more information from you.
8. To buy something from you.
9. To see if you're reputable.
10. Just to see whether you have one!

If you think about it, don't you like to check out a company's website before doing business with them? Well so do your customers!


How Can We Help You Get Started?

We know that an online presence will do nothing but make your business more successful offline too, you just need the tools and support to help you do it.

We can help you implement a proven combined offline and online system for producing consistent, predictable profits. You will be amazed at the dramatic change our custom system will make in your business, no matter what your current situation is.

A major concern business owners like you have, is not knowing what to do with their website once they get it.

You're busy and you don't want to waste your time on something you won't use, or your money on something that won't pay off.

We want to help you get the full value of your investment in as little time as possible. As soon as your website is online, over $575 worth of tools, guides and resources will be made available to you that will help you market your site. And if you ever need a bit more help, tap into one of our marketing strategists (inclluded with some packages).

And if you already have a website set up online, you can take advantage of our limited time offer Website Traffic Special. You can dramatically boost traffic to your website and we’ll even help you modify your site to turn that traffic into sales.

Call us 8:30-4:30 CST Monday through Friday at 479-244-7241 for more information. Or email us here with the Subject Line: ONLINE and we'll send you an Online Analysis Survey to help you determine your needs.

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